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Bathroom Door
This door is made of quarter sawn Sipo/Mahogany. It is unique in that it is a fairly thin door. 15/16th of an inch. The lockset is a Von Morris storm/screen door mortice lockset. It actually locks. Finish is Epifanes Spar Varnish. It is very high quality finish for the moisture levels in the bathroom and it shows the beautiful stain.
Custom made Storm/Screen Door
Storm/Screen doors are made of quarter sawn Sipo, a beautiful Mahogany that is favored for out of doors furniture and millwork. This particular door is painted a beautiful red and will be easy to maintain over its lifetime. The screen is made of bronze and the glass in the storm insert is made of tempered glass. The lockset is a mortice lock and should last many years. Some of my Storm/Screen combination doors are 25 years old and are doing very well. No need to replace them in the foreseeable future, if ever.
Storm/Screen combination door
Entry Doors by the River
This door unit is just underway. I will be taking pictures and a video or two as I proceed. Please check back frequently to see the stages of door building and ultimately the finished and installed entry door.
Door Parts
The Door Jamb Unit
Interior Door with Transom
This door is a bedroom door with glass that blocks viewing of what goes on inside. It is also my first transom window over the door. It is fixed, does not open.
Latest Doors in Tenants Harbor Home
Complete Entry remake. New Sipo Mahogany Door Jams with new
Custom Entry Door and new Storm/Screen door. The Door threshold is made of solid White Ash with an inlay of Sipo to act as a stop for the bottom weather stripping.
Old, then New double storm/screen doors in Tenants Harbor
Beautiful old set of Storm/Screen doors that probably date
from post WWII. Time and weather have taken their tole on
these fine old mortice and tenon doors. The water damage
has proven too much and they are done.

The new doors are Sepo Mahogany and should last at least as long as the venerable old pine doors. The homeowners realized the need for replacement with new doors to protect the wonderful old entry doors to this great old home. I feel fortunate to have been offered the chance to build replacement doors.
Painted Storm/Screen Door 2014 Spring
This is a Sepo Mahogany door with vertical grain for expansion,or lack thereof, purposes. I have switched to the brass hardware used to hold the screen and storm
inserts in place. A small flipper is built into the door in four places. Turning the slotted screw turns the flipper to
hold or release the insert.

All glass is tempered and all screening is bronze.

The paint color is Benjamin Moore Briarwood. Matte finish
Tall Screen Door
This door is purely a screen door. It has no storm insert because the Andersen door that it is built on is such a good winter door unto itself. It is difficult to improve on this door for winter weather in Maine. However, it has an aluminum jamb and does not normally have a screen door option. This door has a Sepo Mahogany jamb attached to it so that a proper screen door is capable of being attached to it. Note the copper screening and the handle set and lock by Von Morris design. It is a mortice lock and should last the life of the door and screen.
the True Storm Door
This door does just one thing and does it well. It keeps water away from the entry door of the garage. It has no screen insert because its a garage and doesn't need one. It is distinctive, I think.
Three nice entry doors for a new home
These doors are unique because they will face the sun,rain and snow on their own with an outdoor oil finish. They might be kept up with a yearly oiling, or they might not be kept up and slowly turn silvery gray. One door is scheduled to have a storm door placed over it on the entry deck, another is the entry from the insulated mud room and the third is an entry from the driveway level and covered by the floor above. Most doors never have a life this good. I love these doors and more photos will be added as the house becomes finished.
kitchen door
Membrane sill pan