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Cherry Table
This table comes with two leaves, 15" wide each, that increase its length from 54" to 84" or 7 feet.....and there is nothing like a dog to spruce up any website.
Cherry Table with Turned Legs
The top of this table is made of two boards from the same tree. They were each 17" wide and 8' long when in the rough.

I had saved these two boards for 20 years, waiting for the right project to come along. Actually, I had forgotten they existed on the bottom of a pile of wide Cherry boards and stumbled upon them while looking for suitable boards for this nice breadboard end dining table.
Long Cherry Table
White Oak Table....Quarter Sawn
This is one heavy table. I am guessing that each leg is around 40 lbs, but it could be more. They are 4.5" square and 34.75" high. The top measures 1.75" thick by 48" wide by 92" long. This is a very heavy table, but lives in a wonderful space that cries out "let me have a large oak table".